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Sustainable Building & Consultant Services

As Built Environment Experts (BEEs), Essel Environmental has a full suite of sustainable building & consultant services, so we can be a helpful and knowledgeable resource throughout the building assessment process.

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Property Conditions Assessments Reports

Certified Asbestos Testing Services

Physical Needs Assessments

Green Capital Needs Assessment

Green Capital Needs Assessment

Infrared Inspection Services

Infrared Consulting Services

Structural Consulting

Building Consultants: Building Envelope Assessments

Probable Maximum Loss Reports

Probable Maximum Loss Reports

MEP Building Assessment

MEP Assessments

Fast, Compliant, Personal Service

Our in-house team consists of architects, engineers and contractors – each of which have years of experience in their respective fields and provide superior sustainable building & consultant services. Our team is fully trained and certified to deliver the best services and because we don’t outsource, we are accountable to you. We take the time to understand your objectives and then tailor our investigation to address your concerns. Our job is never done until your project team is fully informed about your service purchase.

Civil Engineering Design and Build

Our Team is Here for Your Team

It is critical your environmental reports are done quickly and correctly for commercial real estate transactions. It’s more than a box that needs to be checked – the information you receive can influence the terms of transaction to your advantage as protect you from future liability. Essel Environmental has the experienced civil engineering consultants you need to ensure you receive the best deal possible.

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We can help real estate professionals expedite due diligence investigations and reporting to save them both time and money.