Probable Maximum Loss Reports

Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Reports are used to protect building owners and investors in the event of a catastrophic event.

Seismic Risk Assessments – And More

The Probable Maximum Loss (PML) report is a common tool used by real estate investors, lenders and insurers to assess a worst-case scenario of building damage like from an earthquake, flood, fire or another natural disaster. PML reports are one of the most common requirements by lenders for real estate transactions.

For most common types of transactions, a simple Problem Maximum Loss number is all that is needed, but some properties may need additional environmental testing and inspections such as seismic risk assessments or other environmental inspections.

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Expert Service & Care

Probable maximum loss engineers at Essel Environmental are fully trained and certified in performing seismic risk assessments.

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While others PML reporting firms outsource projects to third-party contractors, Essel uses only seismic risk assessment professionals.

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Essel Environmental probable maximum moss reporting professionals work quickly without sacrificing quality to ensure your interests are protected for today and the future.

PML Reports

PML reports are prepared by Essel Environmental’s structural engineers to determine the value of the largest loss that could result from a disaster, assuming the normal functioning passive protection features and property functioning of most active suppression systems.

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Our Process

Essel Environmental prepares PML reports for all types of properties throughout the West. Essel Environmental is aware of how important these calculations are in the underwriting process which is why our team and attention to details are unparalleled. We have noticed that sometimes clients may benefit from an inspection of the structural system of a building more than a PML report, and they may think the Probable Maximum Loss covers it, but PML reports alone are not always enough. The PML is a collection of numbers and assumptions that is entered a software that spits out the PML number. That may or may not be the best fit for what you need.

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