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Top Companies Trust Essel to Provide the Workforce That Produces Results for Your Project.

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Do Results Matter To You and Your Projects?

When the stakes are high and conditions intense, our extraordinary team finds the workforce you need that will deliver RESULTS on your terms.

With a proven track record on the largest projects to impact the United States - our team is different. Our workforce has delivered results in high pressure situations: Oil Spills to Wildfires to Mission Critical Construction projects.

Our critical workforce experience is unmatched and we are ready to put it to use for your project.

Let's start the conversation.

Too Much At Stake

The risk of getting the wrong personnel sent to your project can be costly.  The cost can be significant for high pressure projects such as emergency response and construction.

That price is usually paid in an unsafe environment or one that exposes your existing personnel to injuries.

With our experience of delivering high profile projects nationwide - we make sure our personnel have the experience, the mindset and the willingness to work under you and your leadership.

We treat every project with a similar level of urgency - because the stakes are too high not to.

Environmental Consultants

We Follow Your Lead.

We understand the pressure that you're under.

You are expected to do more with less. Less time, less budget. That is why it's critical that your workforce solution is a partner not a liability. And, it's critical for us to let you do what you do best - make projects happen.

Our process of recruiting, training and onboarding help make sure you get the right match of skillsets that your project needs.

Then, we get out of your way but never too far out of reach.

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