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Real Estate Development, Investment and Management is a team game.
That's why Essel is the first pick.

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Environmental Engineering & Consulting Services

Refrain from your business shutting down due to malpractice of Federal environmental guidelines. Together, we can help prevent this situation by taking proactive and reparation measures. Some of our environmental engineering services include:

Acquisition Due

Due Diligence

Phase 1 ESA. Phase II Investigations. Property Condition Assessments. ALTA Surveys.

Our environmental engineering services are all meant to analyze your asset & protect your liability.

Subsurface Investigation

Subsurface Investigation

Subsurface Investigations. Soil Testing. Soil Management Plans. Remediation Work Plans.
We work hard to make sure your project gets approved & ready for construction – as quickly & safely as possible.

Property Management and
Environmental Testing Services

Sustainable Building Testing

Asbestos Testing. Lead Testing. Mold Testing All Make Up Our Environmental Testing Services

We protect your liability when dealing with tenants & we make sure your properties are in compliance.

Full Real Estate Cycle
Support Through Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessments

Consistency, Efficiency and Professionalism is what you will get with us. We provide full support from Acquisitions to Development to Management. This means that we provide our services with the long term picture in mind.

Disaster Risk

Fire. Water. Sewage. Oh My!

Disasters happen. That’s a given. How do you make sure they don’t escalate to cause even bigger issues? Hiring Essel for its environmental engineering services to be the first responder on the case. Our civil engineering consultants will manage the vendors while making sure the health & safety of your tenants & property are maintained while the response work is taking place.

Abatement Project

Environmental Testing Services

For all of your hazardous materials abatement & remediation needs – we have the project managers to ensur the work is done right, on time & within budget.From specification development to clearance testing – our team ensures you don’t have to worry about doing it by yourself.

Environmental Management Companies

Whether you’re a real estate developer, investor, and/or business manager, we help you comply with environmental requirements to create effective environmental solutions. Unlike other environmental management companies, Essel offers both engineering and environmental consulting services for:

Developers need things YESTERDAY.  Phase I ESAs, Soil Testing & Subsurface Investigations are just the beginning.

Our developers appreciate Essel Environmental because we move at their pace, advise them with actionable intelligence, and we stand next to our clients to help move projects along. This includes interfacing with planning commissions, community meetings and other arenas.

Property Managers deal with 1,001 tasks daily. From tenants, to leases, equipment, notifications, and more – we want to make sure environmental issues are not one of them. With our full turnkey solutions for property managers, Essel Environmental assesses situations, provides options and recommendations, and advises throughout the entire process.

Property Managers work with Essel because of our well-thought out processes, and proactive mentality.

General Contractors are great at their job and more than likely, knowing every environmental regulation is not a top priority. That is why many general contractors work with Essel for our environmental consulting services on hazards specific to their jobs, and more. By doing so, we help you create solutions.

This is all done while staying on schedule, and protecting the health and safety of their employees and subs.

As Facility Managers, you are responsible for the maintenance and condition of facilities.

Whether it’s one facility or 50, your responsibilities are the same – that’s why you need a team of consultants you know you can rely on, who will guide and help you stay compliance with environmental regulations.

Essel Environmental works with facility managers of apartments, commercial buildings, warehouses and other types of assets. Contact us to learn more.

We work with you as much (or as little) as you need to make sure you remain  informed about the condition and potential issues of your building.

The strength of your offer depends on your terms, and Essel understands the difference between getting your offer accepted or passed on during the 10-day Due Diligence period.

We have a fully serviced team ready to assess your building project, so you receive the intel you need to close the deal and start executing your business plan.

So What Makes Us Different?

You have heard of, or maybe used other environmental management companies in the past – but you have never had an experience quite like Essel’s. The Essel difference is our guaranteed quality of work, reliability, and professionalism. Contact our team of environmental engineers today to find out how any of our environmental consulting services can help your project.

Our Vision Statement:

Our vision is to create an organization that is a valued asset of our client’s business processes, and one in which our employees feel empowered by the difference we make.