Green Capital Needs Assessment

Green Capital Needs Assessments (GCNPA) allow you to improve energy and water efficiency while reducing operating costs.

Commercial Energy Audits

The GCNA includes a comprehensive list of building/site building systems and components with measurable line items that make up a complete assessment. The GCNA is a hybrid of a 20-year capital needs assessment with commercial energy audits and detailed financial analysis of retrofit options. This information allows lenders to use the GCNA information and provide them with a reliable way to underwrite the costs and benefits of green retrofits.

Essel Environmental has a wide range of experience with GCNA reports that result in reduced operating costs through increased energy and water efficiency, and healthier living environments for residents by improving indoor air quality through decreased carbon emissions.

In turn, GCNA reduces the property’s overall environmental impact. The outcome is an investment-grade report includes rigorous data and financial analyses for each recommended measure. In the end, clients will know which product to use, when to install it, and how much they will save in overall costs.

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What You Can Expect From Our Capital Needs Assessment

Both reports and analyses explain energy usages and systems within a building, providing recommendations and long-term maintenance estimations. Essel Environmental Capital Needs Assessments exceed the commonly used standards, including ASTM 2018. Essel Environmental prepares GCNA’s that are compliant with TCAC, HUD & Cal-HFA standards and guidelines.

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