Property Conditions Assessments Reports

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Fast, thorough, compliant PCAs ensure you know the condition of a property or real estate you are purchasing, leasing, or maintaining.

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Professionally Trained Property Inspectors

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration before you ultimately settle on a piece of commercial property for your business. Of these various considerations, one of the most important is the state of the commercial property in question; the property must be thoroughly evaluated for any deficiencies, flaws, structural defects, and other issues. This evaluation allows you to objectively appraise the property and can help you ascertain its true value in light of the costs associated with getting the property up to your business standards.

A property condition assessment is the process of formally evaluating a piece of commercial property. At the end of this process, a report is generated, detailing the overall condition of the property.

Typically, the ASTM E2018 Commercial Condition Report standard is followed when doing a property condition assessment; depending on prevailing circumstances, the nature of the business, or the wishes of the prospective customer, this standard may not be fully adhered to.

Property condition assessments are usually carried out well trained property inspectors. Some things that are evaluated during a typical property assessment include:

  • Structural foundation and framing of the building
  • Building site
  • Electrical systems and plumbing
  • Stairways and hallways within the building
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Fire as well as any other relevant alert systems
  • ADA compliance such as handicapped parking, elevators, and wheelchair-accessible doors
  • Lighting both inside and outside the property.

Expert Service

Our Property Condition Assessments are performed by licensed architects part of the AIA. That means professional, experienced and experts in their fields.


Full Scale Review

While others may outsource tasks to the lowest bidder, we use only in-house engineering professionals.


Fast and Thorough

We work quickly but leave no stone unturned to ensure your interests are fully protected.

We Promise Results!

At Essel Environmental Engineering and Consulting, we know how important a thorough property condition assessment is in making a final decision regarding whether to acquire a piece of commercial property. We are well versed in all the details involved in conducting a thorough assessment and have professionals at our disposal able to perform whatever services may be needed, including compiling your ASTM Commercial Condition Report. For more information about our property condition assessment services, speak with an environmental engineering consultant today.

ASTM Commercial Condition Report Environmental Consultants

Customized Solutions

Essel Environmental performs Property Condition Assessments (PCA) in-house and follows the ASTM 2018-08 standard. We also can customize a PCA to your specific concerns to ensure that all relevant concerns are addressed. Essel Environmental can include any add-ons to an existing PCA. Speak with our Property Condition Assessment representative today with our contact form or call us directly at 1 (800) 595-7616.

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