Built Environment Experts

As experts on testing in and around the Built Environment – we have a full suite of services so you can know everything you want to know about your building.


Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) are a fundamental requirement to understanding the condition of the basic systems of your asset. This report adheres to the ASTM 2018-08 standard and is generally supplmented by specialty inspections.

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Physical Needs Assessments

Physical Needs Assessments (PNAs) are basically PCAs, but used in the Affordable Housing Sector. We tailor our PNAs to the type of loan you are getting — each funding agency (HUD, FHA, etc) has their own set of requirements.

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Green capital Needs Assessments

Imagine a combination of an Energy Audit and a Physical Needs Assessment/Property Condition Assessment and you’ll get a Green Capital Needs Assessment. It’s the same concept with sustainable options.

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Infrared Building Assessments

If Superman was your building inspector, you wouldn’t need this tool. Infrared technology can see through walls and tell you about areas with moisture, faulty construction and even overheating electrical panels. This useful instrument is a fundamental tool for our company.

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Building Envelope Assessments

Essel’s team of Built Environment experts include Building Envelope experts who can assess various types of buliding surfaces and façades to idenitfy potential issues and suggest repairs.

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PML Reports

and Probable Maximum Loss (PML) reports are used by lenders for insurance & risk managers to understand the amount of the building expected to be lost in the case of an earthquake.

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MEP Assessments

MEP assessments and PCAs are like peas and carrots. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing are specific types of assessments on those systems. They are a supplement to the PCA/PNA and include a team of specialists. The level of detail in the inspection & report isn’t part of the standard PCA.

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Property Managers Guide to Environmental Due Diligence

Download this free e-book to learn what you need to know about evironmental due diligence requirements for commercial property transactions.



Fast, Compliant, Personal Service

Our in-house team consists of architects, engineers and contractors years of experience in their respective fields. Each is fully trained and cerfitied to deliver the services you need, and because we don’t outsource any of our services, we are accountable to you. We take the time to make sure we understand your objectives with the purchase and then tailor our investigation to address your concerns. Our job is never done until you and your project team is fully informed about your purchase.

How Can You Make Sure Your PCA/PNA Is Worth The Paper It’s Printed On?

There are a lot of service providers that perform a PCA/PNA for less than $2500. A good report will take approximately 35-40 hours to prepare. The right type of talent for these investigations costs a significant amount. So, typically the low-cost service providers use generalists who are trained only by picture. This means they will assign a standard expenditure and call everything “Fair.”  How does that affect you? Your reserve table lacks specific details and it just looks like a large budget. If you buy your asset based a PCA/PNA given to the lowest bidder, you may well find expensive surprises in the future. Is it worth it?