Wildfire Recovery Services

Wildfire Recovery Services

For County ROE Program Requirements

Essel Environmental can help you meet county requirements and get back in your home safely. Counties require specific steps to get your property tested for hazardous materials like asbestos and metals that can be found in soil and debris after a wildfire.

While you can’t see them, they can be hazardous to you, your family, pets and the environment. We’ll help you meet country ROE Program Requirements by providing a testing plan, sampling & hazardous materials testing, and, if needed, provide 2-3 quotes (with no mark up) for debris removal, abatement and demolition.

Request a quote and an Essel Environmental expert will reach out to get the process started.

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Wildfire Recovery Services for County ROE Programs

We Can Help You

Start the Wildfire Recovery Process

Understanding and meeting county requirements can be difficult, especially when you just want to get home. Essel can help you start rebuilding safely with:

  • Dust and Debris Testing and Removal
  • Post Fire Inspection
  • Test For Asbestos
  • Test Your Soil
  • Plan to Rebuild
Request a Quote

FAQ Title

How do I get started? Expand

Simply click the link or call the number below to be connected to our experts and obtain a quote.

How will I know the hazardous waste has been removed? Expand

The contractor will place a stake or laminated sign in front of your property to indicate the hazardous waste has been removed

How will I know the hazardous waste has been removed? Expand


What is soil testing and why is it being performed? Expand

Crews scrape 3 – 6″ of soil from the ash footprint and samples are sent to a certified lab for analysis. The results are compared against background samples taken from areas in the vicinity that are not directly impacted by fire to ensure that all contaminated ash was removed. If necessary, more soil is removed and the site is retested until it comes back clear of contaminants or it is determined the contents of the soil are consistent with the background levels of similar soil on a property.

Impacted by Wildfires? Your Property Needs to be Tested

Wildfires are tragic and highly destructive. If your home was damaged or destroyed, you are grieving but also starting to turn your mind towards rebuilding (although in some cases waiting for state funds and help is advisable). Rebuilding is expensive and challenging, but most people want to restore their home on the same land and restore their community, although this can take time, even years in some instances. There are some things that you need to consider, including environmental concerns not everyone thinks about.

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