Wildfire Recovery Services

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Wildfires have become an ongoing concern across much of the western U.S. Essel plays an integral role in recovery. After a wildfire, Essel has unique expertise to help ensure your property is quickly assessed for hazards so you can recover and rebuild-faster.

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Experienced wildfire response teams

Essel is a leading firm with technical and personnel expertise in wildfire recovery. We can dispatch an expert technical team to your property that will assess and advise on proper mitigation after a wildfire.

Our experience in a number of wildfire responses, including the 2018 Camp Fire, means our team has the know-how to follow all guidelines while working professionally to speed recovery. Essel has the operational expertise to provide personnel on a large scale to ensure properties are being assessed, sampled, and categorized in large quantities to prepare for debris removal.

We know exactly what needs to be checked and tested after a fire depending on building materials and location. For example, while wildfires can sometimes improve soil quality, they can also cause contamination and damage which may require soil replacement-which is why we provide soil contamination testing as part of our wildfire recovery services.

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Fast Response

Recover faster so you can get back to your property ASAP.

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Operational Experts

We take the right steps to ensure all assessment and recovery efforts are thorough.

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Personal Attention

Whether you plan to rebuild, restore, or sell, Essel will help you prepare to tackle the next steps.

Wildfire loss prevention services

Communities that plan for wildfires recover much more quickly. Essel can help with pre-fire planning for both companies and homeowners. We are familiar with regulations designed to inhibit the spread of wildfires and can help with setbacks, fire proof landscaping, advice on roofing materials, and more.

Phase 2 ESA Investigations Commercial Property Emergency Response

Respond. Recover. Rebuild.

We will help you rebuild and recover after a wildfire, regardless of the size of your property and the damage done by the fire. Let us get you back on your feet and help you meet any requirements for rebuilding, including if you choose to rebuild to more stringent codes. Contact us to get started.

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