Emergency Response

Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery

Essel’s team of agile, boots-on-the-ground resources are trained to respond quickly during environmental disasters. From the wildfires in California to oil spills, train derailments, and other catastrophes, Essel is equipped with the personnel you need to lead response efforts or seamlessly integrate with your existing team.d

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Catastrophe Response Services

Catastrophe Response

Arborist Cleanup Services

Arborist Services

Payroll and Data Entry Services

Payroll & Data Entry Services

Building Emergency Response

Building Emergency Response

Wildfire Recovery Services

Wildfire Recovery Services

Download Our Emergency Response Brochure

Our brochure outlines the details of our emergency response services. Read more about emergency services, past disaster responses, and restoration projects completed by the E-team.


E-Team: Responsive, Exceptional Personnel

Essel provides technical professionals who understand and deliver emergency response services. Here is our full list of available experts:

  • Hazwoper
  • Asbestos Certified Inspectors and supervisors
  • OSHA 30 Trained personnel
  • SSHO (Site Safety and Health Officer)
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist
  • Environmental Technicians
  • Professional Geologist & Engineers
  • Cleanup personnel
  • Arborists
Emergency Response Workers

Emergency Response Experience

We’ve deployed 150-person crews for year-long engagements, as well as 10 person crews for short-term clean up jobs. No matter what, we’re ready to respond.

Test Title

– Team Deployed: 15 Personnel
– Project Length: 3 Months
– Specialists: Certified Industrial Hygienists, IH Technicians

Industrial Chemical Spill

– Team Deployed: 15 Personnel
– Project Length: 7 Days
– Specialists: Hazwoper trained personnel, IH Technicians

Camp Fire Response

– Team Deployed: 155 Personnel
– Project Length: 12 Months
– Specialists: HazMat Sampling (Asbestos), Soil Sampling, Air Sampling, Task Force Leaders, Management

Thomas Fire Response

– Team Deployed: 34 Personnel
– Project Length: 6 Weeks
– Specialists: HazMat Sampling, Task Force Leaders, Soil Sampling

Carr Fire & Mendocino Complex Response

– Team Deployed: 45 Personnel
– Project Length: 12 Weeks
– Specialists: HazMat Sampling, Task Force Leaders, Soil Sampling

Disaster Recovery Experts

Essel doesn’t just send bodies, we send experts. Our teams are professional, experienced, and communicative, and we’ve been a go-to resource for environmental services since 2001. Our ability to respond rapidly across the nation is why restoration companies trust us to support their teams, maintain compliance across different regulations, and avoid delays.

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