Health & Safety Management

As EHS consultants, the Essel Environmental team helps businesses comply with federal, state, and local regulations around health, safety, and the environment. By partnering with Essel, businesses can reduce the cost of accidents by mitigating occupational health and safety risks.

EHS Support Services

Save time, money, and lives with invaluable consulting or certified personnel that ensures your environment and processes meet compliance regulations. Our team provides expertise at any stage of the health and safety process. We have the experts you need to:

  • Draft protocols
  • Dreate processes for construction safety
  • Prepare you for inspection
  • Augment your staff
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Our Team is Here for Your Team

It is critical your environmental reports are done quickly and correctly for commercial real estate transactions. It’s more than a box that needs to be checked – the information you receive can influence the terms of transaction to your advantage as protect you from future liability. Essel Environmental has the experienced civil engineering consultants you need to ensure you receive the best deal possible.

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