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Industrial Hygiene Services

The health of your employees is your number one priority. But you cannot always see the contaminants that put their health at risk. Essel’s industrial hygienists provide testing services and identify solutions to potential contaminants in your facility so you can feel confident about workplace safety.

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Identify Potential Contaminants

On any given day, your warehouse, factory, or construction employees may be exposed to chemicals and construction dust. Hidden contaminants like asbestos can threaten your team if you don’t put the proper protections in place.

Essel’s industrial hygiene services help you to identify and manage potential hazard exposures so your team can work safely and confidently. We can deploy a team quickly and on-demand, meeting all regulations and giving you peace of mind.


Professional Service

Essel staff are fully trained and certified for all inspections they will perform.


Personal Attention

While others may outsource tasks to the lowest bidder, we use only in-house engineering professionals.


Fast and Thorough

We work quickly but leave no stone unturned to ensure your interests are fully protected.

Our Industrial Hygiene Process

When you work with Essel, we will assemble a certified team based on your needs and priorities. We will assess workers and the environment during normal working hours and provide all necessary tests. Our service is uniquely two-fold:

  • Testing and personnel monitoring – We provide air sampling on a personal basis to identify occupational exposures to hazardous chemicals, compounds, and minerals.
  • High-level review of site conditions – Our team can help identify what kind of engineering controls might be necessary to manage risks in the workplace.

We will be proactive in ensuring that you have a plan moving forward for hazard mitigation so your team can get back to work faster.

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Proactive, On-demand Industrial Hygienists

Essel’s industrial hygienists have industry standard certifications, including CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist). We use modern equipment, uploading data in an easy-to-understand format so you can get started on any next steps.

No matter how big or how small the job, Essel is here to keep your team safe. Contact us to get started today.