Contact Tracing Solutions

Essel offers premier training and staffing in Contact Tracing Solutions. 

What is Contact Tracing?

Contact tracing must be immediately implemented whenever a COVID-19 patient is diagnosed. This includes family members, workplaces, churches, schools, and any other locations visited by a person with confirmed COVID-19.A trained health worker must be assigned to find those individuals who have come into contact with COVID-19 patients, advise them on the best ways to stay healthy and avoid infecting others, and safely accompany them to hospitals and clinics if their symptoms worsen. Contact tracing is vital to control of the current disease.

Once an individual is confirmed to have the virus, those trained in contact tracing are responsible for supporting the patient by tracing and monitoring their previous contacts to help stop the spread.

Contact tracers are trained to track down contacts, conduct thorough initial screening interviews, and perform short follow-up calls. All symptomatic contacts should be tested, and asymptomatic contacts should be told to self-isolate for 14 days from last day of exposure. Daily or frequent communication with a member of the contact tracing team via phone or in-person is ideal to monitor for symptoms. Personnel should be equipped with proper PPE to protect the contact tracing team and also the person being interviewed. Tracers are also trained on the proper handling techniques for paper forms which may be contaminated while conducting interviews. Training given to tracers provides an understanding of:

  • Patient confidentiality
  • Medical terminology
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Appropriate cultural sensitivity
  • Proper usage of PPE

At Essel, we understand the importance of contact tracing as part of the process to stop the chain of viral transmission. We’re at the forefront of training individuals in the skills needed to excel. So far, we’ve trained between 50 and 75 individuals in contact training solutions, and are equipped with training programs in multiple languages.

If you have any questions about how we can help you, please contact us at 1-800-595-7616 or at

Great Training

We collaborate with agencies to get workers trained accurately & efficiently with our proven training curriculum. 

Up To Speed

We make sure our training program is up-to-date with ever-changing CDC protocol.

Accomodates All

We partner with agencies to identify the demographic characteristics of the local area, languages being our primary focus.

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