What reopening the country means for your business

If you’re located in California or otherwise, you might have seen California Governor Gavin Newson’s press conference unveiling his plan to reopen the state in the coming months. What does this mean for your business? 

For starters, Governor Newsom did not give the public an exact date on when California would start to reopen, but he did say that he would “re-evaluate progress on six criteria in two weeks, and address timing issues then,” according to ABC News

The six criteria are as follows:

  • Expand testing and doing contact tracing for those who test positive
  • Being able to protect California’s most vulnerable populations, including seniors, homeless individuals and those with compromised immunity
  • Ensuring medical facilities are equipped to handle potential surges
  • Working with research hospitals and other research partners to pursue therapies for the virus
  • Making sure businesses, schools, and other public spaces can continue physical distancing
  • Being able to return to more strict measures, as needed

Will things return to normal soon? “Normal it will not be. At least until we have herd immunity and a vaccine,” said Newsom. 

So, how does the re-opening of the country impact your business? For starters, you might have to adjust the way you operate to “the new normal.” This includes separating desks to accommodate for social distancing, wearing facemasks in the office, and, in some situations, taking your temperature before entering and exiting the workplace. 

If your establishment serves food, it might be required that your menu be disposable, and there might be regulations on how many tables are allowed in the establishment. 

Ready for mass gatherings? Don’t get too excited. The governor said the possibility of mass gatherings like concerts or sporting events isn’t probable until a vaccine is widely available. If your business relies on mass events to operate, it might be worthwhile to invest in equipment that improves the virtual experience. 

One of the biggest impacts will likely be to the commercial real estate sector.  This would cover the owners, managers & operators. With the likelihood for social distancing to continue – some of the following points may be our new reality: 

  1. Space Layouts:  Social distancing would need to be incorporated into the floorplans of offices.  How closely people work, talk and eat. Impacts for this requirement would lead to reassessing the space that we work in, how it’s laid out and what we would need to change. 
  2. PPE Stations:  PPE stations would likely become a necessity.  Being properly equipped with facemasks, gloves & sanitizers at all times. 
  3. Assigned Equipment:  Things that can be touched or shared may become a no-no.  This would include stationary, computer equipment, etc. 
  4. No more water cooler gossip: The reliance of workplace chat may be more prevalent given that we as humans will likely be uncomfortable being too close (physically) to people for a while.  As a result – areas to gather / share spaces within an office will likely be repositioned or repurposed. 
  5. Receptionists / Temperature Scanners:  Don’t be alarmed if you are asked to stand in place for a few seconds / minutes while the person in the front takes your temperature.  This may be a new normal for those entering buildings / spaces to ensure there is a high level screening. That starts with body temperature
  6. Split Shift:  Having all of your employees may not be an option for the foreseeable future.  So, businesses may have to work on split shifts or days that start with T! 

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