Are You Buying a Building With Clay Foundation? Or Aluminum Wiring? Or Paper Roof?

Engineer Inspecting Construction Site

When a commercial, retail, or multi-family housing property is in the acquisition process, the buyer or lender may request a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) to ensure due diligence and identify any significant deficiencies of the property to better comprehend the condition of the asset being acquired. PCAs are included in the American Society of Material …

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What is a Brownfield and How Does It Impact Communities?

Brownfields and Their Impacts

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines a brownfield as a property that may be complicated to expand upon or redevelop as a result of hazardous substances in the ground. These pollutants may or may not be present, posing a threat to the health and safety of those working in the area. There are approximately 450,000 …

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What Is A Capital Needs Assessment?

Before you begin a project, you’ll want to know exactly how much money you will have to invest over time to maintain your newly obtained property. This is where a Capital Needs Assessment comes in this assessment is designed to give you a cost estimate to work with as you kick off your project. The …

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How Moisture Can Affect A Building’s Condition

Wet Window On Rainy Day

Environmental Site Assessment in the Bay Area Moisture seems innocuous. But it can cause significant stresses and damage to structures: Dampness can help bacteria, mold, and other fungi and microbes grow. These microorganisms can generate dangerous compounds, such as allergenic spores, inflammatory chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). An increase in humidity can cause the …

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