Wet Window On Rainy Day

How Moisture Can Affect A Building’s Condition

Environmental Site Assessment in the Bay Area

Moisture seems innocuous. But it can cause significant stresses and damage to structures:

  1. Dampness can help bacteria, mold, and other fungi and microbes grow.
  2. These microorganisms can generate dangerous compounds, such as allergenic spores, inflammatory chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  3. An increase in humidity can cause the proliferation of dust mites in a home or building. As humidity increases above 50% in a room, dust mites will thrive. Flakes from these mites — as well as feces and other organic materials ejected from them — can cause allergies. Studies have also found a close correlation between increased humidity levels in buildings and dust mite allergens.
  4. Moisture can also lead to the degassing of dangerous chemicals from wood, such as formaldehyde and resins.
  5. Alcohol and other organic compounds can be emitted when concrete and PVC piping get soaked.

How to Manage a Water Leak Problem at Your Bay Area Facility

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