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What Determines The Cost Of A Phase II ESA?

What is a Phase II ESA?

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (Phase II ESAs), are often conducted after Phase I ESAs and involve the sampling of suspected contaminated materials. The assessment cost varies widely, and can range from $6,000 to $60,000. Phase II ESAs, commonly referred to as subsurface investigations, frequently include: 

  • Drilling of soil borings around the area of suspected impacted soil
  • Collection of soil, soil vapor, and groundwater samples
  • Soil lithologic classification
  • In-field screening for undifferentiated volatile organic compounds
  • Laboratory chemical analysis of samples
  • Evaluation of data and report preparation.

Since the price range of Subsurface Investigations are so vast, many of our clients ask the question, “what exactly influences the cost of a Phase II ESA?” 

Factors that influence Subsurface Investigations

As an environmental consulting firm, that’s hard to say right off the bat. Phase II ESAs vary widely when it comes to the specific tests conducted and the time it will take our team of experts to conduct said testing. Because of this, it’s impossible for the cost of Phase II ESAs to remain consistent from project to project. However, we can share some guidelines as to which factors influence the cost of Phase II ESAs, as follows:  

  • Soil samples: typically, soil sampling is included in a Phase II ESA. The cost of soil sampling varies widely, depending on the amount of samples needed to accurately test soil on the property. 
  • Monitoring wells: Another tool used in Phase II ESAs are groundwater monitoring wells. The depth and number of wells needed greatly influence the cost of the Phase II. 
  • Number of tests conducted: Subsurface Investigations are typically conducted because there was evidence for contamination in a specific area of the property. As shown above, Phase II’s can take many different forms, including VOC screening, soil borings, or groundwater samples. The testing necessary as part of the Phase II, and the scale of which this testing needs to be conducted, factors into the cost of your Phase II ESA. 

How can Essel help you with your next Phase II? 

Essel Environmental is widely known to be a 1-stop shop for all environmental testing, reporting, and environmental compliance regulations. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to provide our clients with any service requested, and our willingness to tailor that service to fit the exact specifications of your project. With any questions about Subsurface Investigations, pricing, or related environmental testing, please reach out to us at 1-800-595-7616 or at www.esseltek.com.