The Asbestos Survey (Part Deux)

An asbestos survey for a building demolition has more stringent requirements than a building renovation because more disruption of the asbestos occurs. There must be a site inspection and survey that includes all the materials used in construction for the building foundation, underground utilities, and in areas that are not readily visible. A formal Asbestos Survey Report is then completed that details all the discoveries and conclusions. For a building renovation, only those materials that would potentially be disturbed would require a survey.

Asbestos Surveys may only be completed by individuals who are Certified Asbestos Consultants (CAC) and registered with Cal/OSHA. The CAC must also be a party with no vested interest in the demolition or renovation project. There are numerous items that must be documented on the Asbestos Survey, including but not limited to:

  • Who requested the survey and the date the survey was requested.
  • The CAC performing the survey, proof of OSHA certification and employing the company.
  • Indication of all types of asbestos-containing materials, whether known or assumed.
  • Identification of where the samples were taken, along with a sketch of how the sample will be handled as it passes through the asbestos survey process.
  • Proof the laboratory receiving the samples taken from the site is an accredited facility by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP).
  • An explanation, presented as a table, of all results for Friable and Non-friable asbestos-containing materials.

With all the requirements of an asbestos survey, it makes sense to utilize a firm such as Essel Environmental Consulting. Two experienced Certified Asbestos Consultants in the firm enhance Essel’s one-stop service.


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