Qualities to look for in a successful salesperson

On the hunt for a salesperson to join your team? Keeping an eye out for the following qualities while recruiting might make your search a little easier.

1. Good listening skills

No matter the company, being a salesperson means looking at your potential clients as partners. What makes a partnership more successful than good listening skills? If a salesperson isn’t listening to what the client wants and needs, a lot of opportunities to make a sale might be missed. 

2. Empathy

In addition to good listening skills, the ability to have empathy towards what you’re listening to is crucial to developing relationships with potential clients. Your client wouldn’t be talking to you if there wasn’t some sort of need, but it takes an empathetic salesperson to look beyond what the client is saying they need and really hearing and anticipating what they actually need.  

3. Personal Drive 

When someone says “salesperson,” the first quality that people often think of is personal drive. The ability to meet monthly numbers, and go above and beyond them, is often dependent on being highly independent and motivated. 

While on the search for your future salesperson, asking him or her questions during the interview process such as “how difficult has meeting quotas in the past been for you?” or “what does your typical work schedule look like” might give you some insight into whether or not they’re a good match for your company. 

4. Tenacity & 5. Understanding the true meaning of “no” 

The phrase “you have to get one hundred no’s for every one yes” often holds true in the sales industry. The ability to rebound from a rejection and continue to ask your potential client the right questions is crucial to success as a salesperson.

The characteristic of tenacity in a salesperson often leads to understanding what a “no” often means, and using qualities such as good listening skills and empathy to understand that providing a different service to the client might make the sale. 

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