How Much Does Asbestos Testing Cost?

The average cost for residential asbestos testing is around $600, but a comprehensive inspection can cost around $1500 or more. For renovation projects, since the demolition and chance of making otherwise stable material “friable” increases, inspection is much more intensive and begins at $1200 for a residential project.

However there are other factors to consider which can raise or lower the price. The low-end estimate is $225 just for an inspection, such as buying/selling a home, and the upper end is closer to $1500 for renovation/demolition projects. The initial survey includes a multifaceted approach to testing for asbestos. Since renovation/demolition creates more environmental impact and more friable material, a more in-depth analysis must be performed to ensure the safety of not only the inhabitants, but those who will be working on site.

Visual Inspection and Assessment of Risk Factors During Asbestos Testing

Age and architecture of the property: Asbestos was a common building material for most of the 20th century, up until it was banned in 1980. If your property was built during this time, the likelihood increases for the presence of asbestos.

Visual confirmation of asbestos material: Some asbestos is very obvious, such as floor tiles, insulation, pipes, and acoustic tiles. Other building materials are more subtle and will require further testing.

Samples are identified in a lab: Typically, sample identification is covered in the initial survey price. Scraping samples from suspicious materials are analyzed in a lab to establish the presence of asbestos.

Additional Costs Of An Asbestos Testing Analysis

Additional testing may be required if asbestos is detected.

  • Air testing is dependent upon size of the property and more than one sample might need to be taken, especially if material is determined to be friable.
  • Water testing may also be required if pipe materials indicate the presence of asbestos, as asbestos is also harmful if consumed internally.
  • Deeper level inspection may also be required, such as insulation within walls, pipes, and asbestos in the sub-flooring.

With additional tests will come added expenses for analysis and reporting. If the initial inspection reveals asbestos, then an inspection and management survey will be required to test samples of all suspicious materials. This survey will allow abatement specialists to determine how extensive cleanup and remediation will be for the property, in order to make the property compliant with the law.

This is only an estimate of the cost of an asbestos survey, not abatement or disposal of asbestos.

Which Factors Influence The Asbestos Testing Cost?

  • The size of the property: Greater property sizes usually mean a wider variety of material to be tested. As with an air quality test, several different samples must be taken and analyzed, which increases the cost.
  • Location: Depending on the company you hire, travel to remote locations may incur higher costs.
  • Condition of the property: Depending on whether or not access to areas on the property is difficult or easy will also influence the price of inspection.
  • Further testing: If your property undergoes abatement, you will need to do follow-up testing to ensure the property is within compliance. This post-inspection can run between $200 and $400 dollars, once again, depending on the size.

Our Asbestos Testing Professionals

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