How Long Does a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Take?

A phase 1 ESA can take fewer than two weeks for an ideal location with little to no development history. For a project with substantial documentation at the local and state level to review, the site assessment can last several weeks. Typical total time for a phase 1 esa = 2-4 weeks average. The time it takes to interview former tenants, neighbors and employees factors into how long a site assessment can take.

You should also factor in the time it may take to travel from the site to records offices, government agencies, and other 3rd party groups. Sometimes the remoteness of a location eliminates a lot of concerns for the history of environmental impact, but travel time is still an element to the process and needs to be considered.

Factors to Consider When Conducting a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment:

  • Historical use of the site
    • Is this a former commercial industrial area?
    • Has the ground ever been broken for any kind of use?
    • How comprehensive are records to review for this property?
  • How long will a consultant have to travel to inspect the area?
  • Will an inspector have to be accompanied by the owner?
  • What kind of delays can be expected in finding and reviewing records?
  • Rushing a site assessment may create gaps in data, which may necessitate further investigation.
  • Will this Phase 1 Assessment lead to a Phase 2 ESA? Additional assessments will require more time.

A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a piece of the puzzle, which can actually save you time and reduce costs in the long run. When you are facing deadlines, not only from builders, but clients and investors, as well as property owners, the process is often fraught with delays, some of which can be costly or even detrimental to the completion of the project. The possibility of unforeseen problems, especially the details related to environmental impact, can be especially frustrating.

Essel Environmental Has the Experience You Can Count On

Experience is a factor of providing a fast and effective ESA.  Contact us to get your Phase 1 ESA started and see why Essel Environmental Engineering and Consulting is a leader in the field of environmental site assessments for the San Francisco Bay area and throughout the United States. Not only will hiring a competent and capable ESA professional reduce your time, but it will also improve the accuracy of the report and get you on the right path to completing your project.