Essel Environmental Rebrand

Essel Environmental Rebrands To Reflect an Eye on the Future

Essel Environmental has been a staple environmental consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay area since 2001. In recent years, they have focused on expanding their services and their reach, which recently netted them a nod as one of the 100 fastest-growing companies in the Bay Area. 

Their two areas of focus for growth: emergency response services and meeting the needs of their clients. “We’ve been in the industry for years, and we understand that clients needed their report yesterday and they need it done right the first time. We hire, train and work to meet these needs and it works. Our clients are happy and they keep coming back.” Nik Lahiri, CEO of Essel Environmental. 

In terms of Emergency Response services, it was only natural that Essel join the response in their own backyard as California wildfires continue to ravage the state every year. “We’re talking about people, their lives and their homes that are devastated by wildfires, floods and hurricanes. When you have the experts to do the job, and get people back to their lives, you do it.” says Nik Lahiri. 

Knowing that they have evolved as a company in recent years, Essel wanted its brand to reflect who they are today – a go-to resource for responsive, high-quality environmental, engineering, and emergency response services. Not to mention, they have been investing in technology to help make their team and services more effective, efficient, and even virtual (link to virtual walkthrough service). 

The New Look, Same Great Service  

As part of the rebrand, Essel has updated their logo and a new website is coming soon. The logo is designed to represent the speed of Essel’s work product and response, their flexibility in meeting client’s needs and their commitment to working together with clients as if it’s their own company. When asked about the new brand, Nik added to the story: “Our clients really appreciate Essel’s professionalism, experience and responsiveness. We wanted that to come across in who we are.”  

The E Team 

Essel has also started to brand their on-demand, experienced technical professionals as “The E Team” because when you hire Essel, you’re hiring a team who’s on your side and ready for action. This is especially important in Emergency Response when teams of 10-150 certified professionals are out in the field, leading response efforts.  

Essel is looking forward to expanding its disaster response services and continuing to evolve to meet clients’ needs. Essel’s rebrand doesn’t represent a new Essel, but instead more accurately reflects what we already know to be true about the brand: speed, flexibility, and experience

About Essel Environmental

Essel Environmental is a go-to resource for responsive, high quality environmental, engineering, and emergency response services. Since 2001 Essel has been providing environmental & engineering services throughout the real estate life cycle. In Emergency Response, Essel’s agile team of highly qualified professionals are trained and prepared to quickly respond during natural disasters, wildfires, train derailments, oil spills and more.