Construction Safety Services

Outsourcing safety can be a flexible solution while ensuring high focus on outcome.

For some sites it’s worth having a full-time safety officer, but a single safety person is not always enough. By outsourcing construction safety, you can have an entire team working on your behalf.

Why Outsource Construction Safety Services?

Outsourcing safety services gives you access to greater expertise at a lower price, especially if your current workload doesn’t warrant full time safety personnel.

Instead of hiring a single “safety person,” you have access to the consultant’s entire team, giving you safety experts in multiple areas. You can ask for the specific expertise you need at specific times. For example, you might want somebody to come in and talk to your HR department about recordkeeping compliance. Or you might need somebody to advise on protective equipment for very specific circumstances, such as some brownfield work.

You also don’t have to provide extensive training. Instead, you can simply brief the safety people on your specific needs and let them go from there. You provide the institutional knowledge needed, while they provide experience and knowledge of regulatory requirements.

The Outsourcing Process

When you choose to outsource your construction safety services, you will do an initial consultation with the company. You will discuss your specific needs and safety concerns.

The consultant will assist with a safety audit to spot areas where you might be falling short of best practices and/or compliance, and will go over with you what is needed to fix things in terms of employee training, changed protocols, signage, etc. It’s your job to make sure that the safety plan you come up with fits your needs and gels with your existing culture, while helping you build a safety culture that will keep things more stable in the long run.

They will then work towards bringing everything into compliance, prioritizing the most significant concerns such as fall protection or vehicle safety. You will be able to trust them to handle your ongoing safety needs and adjust things on the fly, whilst coordinating with you over major concerns or the development of different protocols for a new project or jobsite.

Safety is not something you do once and then forget about, so outsourcing construction safety services is an ongoing process and it’s vital to choose the right outsourcing partner.

Choosing Your Construction Safety Services Partner

You want to choose a construction safety services partner who has a good reputation and a wealth of experience. As you are putting your company, money, and lives in their hands, select a partner who has been doing this for a while and has people with specific experience.

If you choose correctly, you will also be able to use the same company to handle other safety concerns such as environmental site assessment, soil management, etc. Esseltek offers all of these services and more. We are your trusted partner for construction safety services and will help you save lives and money by developing and monitoring a safety plan that perfectly suits your needs and those of your employees, while also meeting relevant regulatory requirements to avoid expensive compliance issues.