The Single Most Common Issue Found in Properties and How Much It Costs…

During a site walk-through on a property due-diligence survey, such as a Property Condition Assessment (PCA), there are certain common recommended upgrades and repairs. These items range from immediate code deficiencies, life safety issues, general replacement and/or deferred maintenance.

One of the most common site issues is the upkeep of asphalt paving. All paving should be slurry sealed and re-striped every five years. AlligatoringÂť is asphalt paving that has crumbled in all directions (see photo inset). When asphalt reaches this point, it is time to replace it. Asphalt typically lasts 20 years, however slurry coating (also called seal coating) keeps the pavement in good condition for a longer period. The cost difference is roughly $0.25/SF and $5-6/SF

During this slurry striping work all Accessible parking spaces should be upgraded. The most common issues for site Accessibility are improper parking signage, improper parking lot signage, and curb ramps projecting into the striped Accessible aisle next to Accessible spaces. In addition cracks in concrete over lack of truncated domes at ramp areas are the most common Accessibility issues.

Accessibility requirements changed in the 2013 California Building Code which became enforceable on January 1, 2014. The biggest change concerning Accessible parking is the Van stall itself. The van stall is now wider and all Accessible striped areas to side of Accessible stalls are 5 feet wide. Van stalls used to be the same width as regular parking stalls at 9feet™. Now van stalls are 12 feet wide. The same amount of space is required overall for a van spot and Access aisle, but the extra space is now with the stall and not the Access aisle.

These are just a few issues and other issues will be addressed with other blog entries.