Building Surveys

Various building owners & managers depend on Essel Environmental to perform building surveys. The scope of work for a building survey can be very diverse.

Take some time to learn about three of our most common types of building surveys:

  1. Hazardous Materials Building: We perform an exhaustive survey of the interior, exterior & roof components of a building for hazardous materials such as: asbestos, lead, PCBs, universal wastes, refrigerants and ozone depleting substances. Generally, these surveys are required pre-demolition. pre-lease or pre-renovation.
  2. Indoor Air Quality: This is a common type of survey that involves sampling the ambient air and analyzing the sample for various types of pollutants and/or compounds. This survey can be triggered from occupant complaints or be requested as pre-occupancy situation for a new/renovated building.
  3. Moisture Intrusion Survey: The moisture intrusion survey is an integral part of the building maintenance strategy of a structure. Whether it’s performed after construction or when suspect moisture problems arise, it is done with a Infrared Camera and used to determine lapses within the building envelope.

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