Environmental Engineering Services

The U.S. EPA requires lead surveys on prior to renovation for buildings built before 1978.


Phase 1 ESA

We perform Phase 1 ESA for all types of properties and throughout California. Phase 1 ESAs are typically the first step in environmental due diligence and used to determine any environmental risks associated with a piece of land and/or property.

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Subsurface Investigations

To determine any environmental liabilities identified in the Phase 1 ESA or a subsurface investigation prior to development, this type of investigation is performed underground. It involves sampling of soil, groundwater and vapor.

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Soil Testing

Soil characterization is an important step before excavating and grading. It helps determine health and safety considerations for the contractors and owner. Soil testing can be performed at various depths and analyzed for multiple types of contaminants.

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Soil Management Plans

Soil management can involve the remediation of containment of existing contaminants or hazardous materials, or the protection of soil from potential sources of contamination for the life of your property.

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Maher Ordinance

Essel performs site history review, work plans for soil and groundwater testing, and management of any groundwater contamination for sites that fall under San Francisco’s Maher Ordinance requirements.

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Groundwater Monitoring

Essel engineers and scientists offer a full set of services for monitoring groundwater for the presence of hazardous materials and for the protection and preservation groundwater supplies.

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Environmental Due Diligence

When purchasing, selling or rehabilitating a property environmental due diligence is crucial to protecting your interests. Essel has the experience and the expert staff to make sure you have a complete report on your property’s assets and risks in order to make the best deal possible.

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Property Managers Guide To Environmental Due Diligence

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Get The Information You Need.

Buying, selling or renovating commercial real estate involves risk, which can be minimized with quality environmental investigations. Engaging an experienced, professional environmental engineering firm with proven local experience can help real estate professionals expedite due diligence investigations and reporting, saving time and money in the process.


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Getting your environmental reports done quickly, and done right is critical for commercial real estate transactions. It’s more than a box to be checked–the information you get can influence the terms of a transaction to your advantage as well as protect you from future liability. Essel has the experience and local knowledge to ensure you have everything you need to make the best deal possible.