Soil Testing San Francisco: Maher Ordinance

Maher Ordinance planning and compliance for Bay Area properties.

Maher Ordinance

The Maher Ordinance is a San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) stipulation that covers areas with a current or historical industrial use or zoning; areas within 100 feet of current or historical underground tanks; and filled former bay, marsh or creek areas. In addition, areas within 150 feet of a current or former elevated highway.

The Maher Ordinance requires a subsurface investigation and soil analysis for a specified list of inorganic and organic chemicals at construction sites where at least 50 cubic yards of soil are disturbed; construction on the bay side of the historic high-tide line; there is reason to believe that hazardous waste may be present. Speak with one of our friendly client representatives today to discuss your needs and how we can quickly and efficiently meet them. Call us at +1-800-595-7616 or use our quick and easy to fill out contact form.
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Essel Environmental is experienced with all aspects of Maher Ordinance compliance. We can review your project and determine if it falls within the Maher Ordinance Map. We will create a Work Plan and ensure it complies with the requirements for an SFDPH representative, perform all work related to field work and project completion, and deliver the finalize report and results to SFDPH and the rest of the project team.

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Essel Environmental performs Property Condition Assessments (PCA) in-house and follows the ASTM 2018-08 standard. We also have the ability to customize a PCA to your specific concerns to ensure that all relevant concerns are addressed. Essel Environmental can include any add-ons to an existing PCA. Speak with our client representative today to discuss your needs. +1-800-595-7616 or use our contact form.