Construction Safety

Proper construction safety plans save lives (not to mention time and money). Essel is your trusted partner for construction safety services, providing experienced safety teams who always keep your best interest in mind.

Outsource construction safety for advanced expertise

Outsourcing safety services with Essel gives you access to greater expertise at a lower price, especially if your current workload doesn’t warrant full-time safety personnel. Instead of hiring a single “safety person,” you have access to our entire team, giving you safety experts in multiple areas. You get the specific expertise you need for anything from recordkeeping compliance to protective equipment advice.

You won’t have to provide extensive training to Essel’s team. Simply brief our team on your needs and any specific institutional knowledge, and we’ll take it from there, contributing our advanced experience and knowledge of regulatory requirements so you can avoid expensive compliance issues.


Professional Service

Essel staff are fully trained and certified in construction safety.


Personal Attention

While others may outsource tasks to the lowest bidder, we use only in-house engineering professionals.


Fast and Thorough

We work quickly but leave no stone unturned to ensure your interests are fully protected.

Our process

Our construction safety plans and services are always based on your specific needs, your existing company culture, and your plans for the future. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Initial consultation – We will discuss your project, your initial needs, and any current safety concerns.
  • Safety audit – We will perform a safety audit to spot areas where you might be falling short of best practices and/or compliance. From there, we will determine what changes are needed in terms of employee training, changed protocols, signage, etc.
  • Customized safety planning – We will help build a safety plan that fits your needs and gels with your existing culture, while helping you build a long-lasting culture of safety.
  • Implementation – At this stage, we get to work towards bringing everything into compliance, prioritizing the most significant concerns such as fall protection or vehicle safety.

You can trust Essel to handle your ongoing safety needs and adjust quickly as needed. We will continue coordinating with you over major concerns or the development of different protocols for a new project or jobsite.

Construction Safety Consulting
Construction Safety Experts

Your trusted construction safety partner

Construction safety is an ongoing process, so it’s important to choose a safety team you can work with in the long term. At Essel, we know you are putting your company, money, and employees’ lives in our hands—so we will provide you with a trusted and experienced construction safety team that meets all your needs now and in the future.

As your project moves forward, we can help you handle other safety concerns such as environmental site assessmentsoil management, etc. We are a trusted partner for construction safety services across the country, helping save lives and money by developing and monitoring a safety plan that perfectly suits companies and employees’ needs. Contact us to get started today.