August 21, 2020

Virtual Construction Site Tours

A new technology currently utilized by many construction companies is the Virtual Walkthrough. Software combines with high resolution images to create a simulation that allows users to walk through a building from the comfort of their home. Virtual construction site tours have allowed project managers to get a 360-degree view of a site before stepping foot on the job site. A good virtual construction site tour leaves very little to be desired by viewers with its lifelike representation of the site. In fact, technology such as Virtual Walkthroughs are what has kept real estate businesses alive in the midst of the current pandemic. Many of our customers now insist on a walkthrough for any house on the market. Check out one of our virtual construction site tours, completed recently:

How does a Virtual Construction Site Visit work?

The basic principles of creating a Virtual Walkthrough are pretty straightforward. You can organize the workflow in the following steps:
  • Technicians will conduct a walkthrough of the site. They are informed about the important points to capture.
  • Technician will record a foreman or project manager speaking about the progress at the site. This is based on the clients requirement.
  • The technician prepares the site for image capture. Set up lights, open up doors, remove clutter.
  • Capture still images using a 360 degree camera ensuring good coverage of the job site from various angles
The rest of the Virtual Walkthrough happens in an image processing center. The images acquired at the job site are stitched together to create an immersive and, to an extent, interactive virtual experience for the viewer. Virtual Walkthrough footage can then be shared with potential clients, construction companies, property buyers. The virtual tour is uploaded to a website and the URL or Link is the address of the construction virtual tour.

The benefits of a Virtual Construction Site Tour

To be clear, Virtual Walkthroughs existed before the COVID-19 era. They are a commonly used tool in the real estate industry, and have been for quite some time. The construction industry has started to see the benefits of this technology as more teams are working remotely and site visits are increasingly difficult. The benefits include the following:
  1. This approach can help construction firms monitor project progress by recording the site on a periodic basis.
  2. Reducing visits to job sites provides a clear benefit to minimizing the risk of virus exposure.
  3. The users can replay the virtual construction site tour as many times as they wish and zoom in on specific areas.
  4. Virtual Construction Site Tour allows for better bid walks, job walks, and other meetings virtually, taking pressure off of the need to social distance.

Make your Virtual Walkthrough more interactive by adding video.

What a Virtual Walkthrough is not

People regularly confuse concepts like virtual reality tours with Virtual Walkthrough Technology. It is important to shed some light on the thin lines between the two concepts. Virtual reality is a graphically produced vision that emulates and augments reality. So, a tour of a building that does not exist, is typically virtual reality. Companies use 3D representations, on the other hand, to offer its users a realistic view of what is planned. The virtual construction site tour shows you the real jobsite as it is. It simulates the feeling of actually walking through the brick and mortar site, and the images represents a real space.

Features of an excellent Virtual Walkthrough

One of the many formats users can switch between while using our Virtual Walkthrough Technology software.

There is still little-to-no standard protocol for virtual walkthroughs. People can go so far as to call a slide show a virtual walkthrough. However, a good Virtual Walkthrough offers viewers a 360-degree view of the job site. Viewers should ideally be able to toggle between 2D photos of the property and a 3D experience of the site. The online portal lets viewers swipe on their mobile screens or click and drag their mouse to view different parts of the property. An excellent virtual walkthrough takes many elements into consideration. In order to create a state-of-the-art simulation, the technicians use a combination of daylight and artificial lights to ensure maximum visibility, while also achieving an aesthetic sophistication. In case of indoor sites, setting up lighting that highlights darker areas allows for a better viewer experience. The users should be able to pause the presentation wherever they want, look at certain parts of the property closely, and even take an image as if they were at the location.   Essel’s Virtual Walkthrough technology covers all these bases. Our team is excited to add Virtual Walkthroughs to our wide range of services. Reach out to us at 1-800-595-7616 or check out our site at for more information.

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