Virtual Walkthrough Technology

Virtual Walkthrough Technology

Utilize our 360-degree cameras to create immersive, 3D video of construction sites.

  • Share bid walks with a greater number of people with just the click of a button.

  • Eliminate multiple contractors needed on the property, making social distancing on-site easier.

  • Upload PDFs, multi-page reports, or videos to draw attention to points on-site.

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Utilize Our High Resolution Imagery Technology

Our high-resolution cameras capture and create virtual walkthroughs for your ongoing projects, as well as future bids.

Our team of experts combine all images taken on-site into a database, allowing users to navigate throughout the construction site from wherever they may be.

Users have the ability to view each job site in formats never seen before, giving them a better perspective of the property layout and construction progress.

Maximize Efficiency

Notes, reports, multi-page PDFs, and even video can be seamlessly integrated into your walkthrough for any user to see. This accelerates productivity and ensures data consistency.

Our technology allows you to draw attention to certain points on-site, making sure that every selling point of the property is covered throughout the walkthrough process.

All documentation has the capability of being made interactive, allowing users to navigate through as much or little of the site as needed.

Collaborate with your team

With the press of a button, walkthroughs can be shared with any interested party, regardless of location.

This eliminates the need for non-essential workers on-site and ensures that all parties have access to the same information.

Insert notes and give feedback using our all-in-one platform, saving time and making it easy for users to access the information they need to make informed decisions.

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