LP – Soil Checklist

The Ultimate Soil Due Diligence Checklist

For California Developers

We’ve seen contaminated soil derail land development and construction by weeks, months, and even years. From asbestos-filled demolition debris underneath a centuries-old school to random pockets of PCBs deep in the ground, our geologists have learned the importance of planning ahead while still expecting the unexpected.

Land development goes a lot more smoothly when developers and/or landowners are prepared to do their due diligence when it comes to soil. That’s why we’ve put together this checklist (and accompanying guidelines).

Preparing ahead to hire an environmental consultant

What’s involved in soil due diligence and soil characterization

Save time, space, and money on project delays


Don’t Let Soil Derail Your Project

This guide includes information on:

  • What’s involved in soil due diligence/soil characterization
  • What to expect from a soil characterization program
  • What you should look for in hiring a consultant
  • Why projects sometimes hinge on having the right company for soil displacement
  • The importance of a contingency plan and what it should include
  • Common soil contaminants, and when you may need to test for more
  • Who to hire to keep your project on task
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