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San Jose, California has stepped up to the role of redesigning their city infrastructure, to support the growing population, while simultaneously managing its sustainability challenges. The city has adopted a leadership role in designing smart cities. It can be easy to get wrapped up in all the excitement of building newer, more tech-savvy cities. However, due diligence is necessary for the environment.

As Built Environment Experts, (BEEs), Essel Environmental has a full suite of sustainable building and consultant services, so we can be a helpful and knowledgeable resource throughout the building assessment process.

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Professional Team

Essel professionals are fully trained and certified for all inspections. Call to learn more about our experience: (800) 595-7616


Personal Attention

We use only in-house engineering professionals to guarantee exemplary results for our clients.


Fast Results

We work quickly but leave no stone unturned to ensure our client’s interests and company are fully protected.

What To Expect:

Our team is here to offer support to your team, and the Earth itself. We offer environmental consulting in San Jose, CA – but nationally as well. By showing respect for our home, we ensure respect for ourselves and our neighbors. Please contact us today and let us build a better tomorrow together.

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Environmental Engineering & Consulting Services:

We offer multiple environmental engineering and consulting services, including:

  • Phase 1 ESA – Want to know the environmental risks revolving around a piece of land? Then, our Phase 1 ESA is your beginning point towards environmental due diligence.
  • Subsurface InvestigationsSubsurface investigations can be a daunting task. However, our civil engineering consultants are qualified and willing to take on that pressure. The process consists of soil sampling, groundwater, and vapor.
  • Soil Testing & Management PlansSoil testing and management plans can be performed at a variety of depths and analyzed for multiple types of contaminants. They help determine health and safety considerations for contractors and owners.
  • Maher Ordinance – Our team can help navigate the Maher Ordinance We consider site history, management, and work plans for soil and groundwater testing and contamination.
  • Groundwater Monitoring – Groundwater is a precious commodity, and it must be protected and preserved for future generations. That’s why our scientists and engineers offer services with groundwater monitoring at its center, to keep an eye out for hazardous materials.
  • Environmental Due DiligenceEnvironmental due diligence is the top priority when selling, purchasing, or rehabilitating a property, so we can ensure a proper detailing of your property’s assets and risks.

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The Essel Difference

Essel Environmental Engineering and Consulting brings a dedicated team of experts to each project to ensure you get the best information possible about your property or transaction.

Our Mission
Essel’s mission is to become the primary choice for environmental risk management services by delivering a technically sound & cost effective product on time.
Our vision
Our vision is to create an organization that is valued part of our clients business process and one in which our employees will feel empowered by the difference they make.ience, we listen hard to understand your business and your needs.

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