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At Essel, we work with all types of building and development projects at every level. From developers to real estate managers, contractors, facilities and investors, our services help clients comply with environmental requirements at every stage of development including Phase 1 Environmental, Soil Testing and more.

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Environmental Engineering & Consulting

San Francisco, California is well-known for its architecture as well as for its cultural and environmental diversity. In addition to a vast and diverse network of transportation systems coming in and out of the city, San Francisco is built upon several steep hills while much of the Marina area and avenues near the beach, including all Golden Gate Park, are built on landfill over miles of sand dunes. Add a couple of earthquake fault lines and rising sea levels, and there’s a lot to contend with environmentally in the bay area.

Many of the environmental building codes and site requirements in San Francisco are very specific to the area – which can make adhering to environmental regulations complex.

Finding a reputable environmental consulting firm in San Francisco to help with each area of concern, whether it’s soil and air quality testing, building inspections and removal of hazardous materials like exposed asbestos or lead pipes, or meeting seismic requirements for earthquake retrofitting, can be challenging.


Environmental Engineers

We are not only much more than environmental consultants and inspectors, we are also engineers with in-depth knowledge and expertise of local ordinances and environmental compliance requirements for the San Francisco Bay Area.


In-House Employees

Unlike other environmental consulting firms in San Francisco who hire subcontractors for testing and inspections, all our engineering and environmental inspectors are in-house.


Our Goal: Provide Results

Our team of in-house professionals are there at every step to apprise you of the conditions and risks relevant to your specific plans for environmental compliance as well as to help you reach your business goals.

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Phase 1 Environmental – & More

  1. Acquisition Due Diligence: Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, Phase 2 Investigations, Property Condition Assessments, Alta Surveys to analyze assets and protect your liability.
  2. Pre-Development Services: Subsurface investigation, including soil testing and management plans and remediation work plans to insure projects are approved and construction begins on time and is conducted in as safe a manner as possible.
  3. Property Management Environmental Testing: Building testing for Asbestos, lead, mold and other environmental concerns to protect tenant liability and ensure the rental property complies.
  4. Full Real Estate Cycle Support: Full support from the acquisition phase to development and management, our goal is to offer long-term support for every phase or regulatory need.
  5. Disaster Risk Management: First responders for fire, water, sewage, earthquake and other environmental disasters to insure the safety of tenants and the property is maintained while the response work occurs.
  6. Abatement Project Management: All hazardous material abatement and remediation needs. Our project managers oversee the whole process, meeting every deadline within budget and adhering to all safety standards from specification development to clearance testing.

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The Essel Difference

Essel Environmental Engineering and Consulting brings a dedicated team of experts to each project to ensure you get the best information possible about your property or transaction.

Our Mission
Essel’s mission is to become the primary choice for environmental risk management services by delivering a technically sound & cost effective product on time.
Our vision
Our vision is to create an organization that is valued part of our clients business process and one in which our employees will feel empowered by the difference they make.ience, we listen hard to understand your business and your needs.

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