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Download the Project Manager’s Guide to Environmental Due Diligence

If you’re a Project Manager tasked with closing a property purchase, there are plenty of due diligence items to consider prior to transferring the property.

Our guide walks through each due-diligence requirement that Property Managers need to be aware of. From typical Reporting Requirements to surveys, reports, and testing items each PM should consider.

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Uncover What You Might Be Missing

  • Reporting Requirements for every property transfer
  • Common reports requested by stakeholders and other parties
  • Surveys lenders, investors, and insurers expect to see
Download the Guide Nik Lahiri, Principal

Nik Lahiri

Principal, Essel Environmental[wpbb post:author_bio]

About the Author

For Nik Lahiri, environmental due diligence runs in the family. From the start, Nik has helped project managers, real estate developers, and more save time, money, and protect their brand value through proper environmental due diligence. If you’re looking for an expert on identifying potential hazards and protecting your projects, look no further than Nik Lahiri and Essel Environmental.