LP – Dirty Dirt Guide

Download: Essel’s Cheat Sheet to the #1 Project Risk

Contaminated soil can wreck an otherwise lucrative land development or commercial real estate project. Contaminants aren’t typically something you can see or smell, but definitely something your budget will feel. With proper soil assessment and investigation, you can keep your project on schedule and avoid costly mistakes.

Download Essel’s cheat sheet to learn when to test soil, how to prevent major project delays and understand the most common soil contaminants that can derail a project.

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Top ASTM E1903-19 RECs for Dirty Dirt

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California soil remediation laws and landfill specifications

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How to craft a project timeline that mitigates delay from soil

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Don’t Let Soil Derail Your Project

This Guide Includes:

  • When to test your soil throughout the construction process
  • What permits required for soil remediation and management
  • Understanding the California regulations for soil disposal
  • Understanding soil contamination limits for your job site
  • Proactive soil management
  • How to avoid project delays and budget disruptions due to soil
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