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Commercial Property Inspections

Building materials like lead, mold and asbestos are often hidden in the recesses of buildings, or under layers of subsequent renovation and refinishing. If you or your environmental consultant do not know what to look for regarding a commercial property inspection, then toxic materials might be easily overlooked – which is very problematic and hazardous.

Our engineers intricately investigate a building’s condition when issuing reports, going above and beyond the letter of the law to ensure building owners and property managers are fully informed and protected.


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It is critical your environmental reports are done quickly and correctly for commercial real estate transactions. It’s more than a box that needs to be checked – the information you receive can influence the terms of transaction to your advantage as protect you from future liability. Essel Environmental has the experienced civil engineering consultants you need to ensure you receive the best deal possible.

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We can help real estate professionals expedite due diligence investigations and reporting to save them both time and money.

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