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The civil construction process includes engineering and surveying services at all stages of the commercial property construction.

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People typically associate “civil engineering services” with engineering feats such as the Amazon Spheres in Seattle, the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge, and the Eiffel tower in France, among many other marvels. While these structures are amazing examples of civil engineering, this discipline is more integral to our daily lives than most people realize.  Basic infrastructure that we use daily, such as roads, railways, water and sewage systems, all fall within the domain of civil engineering services. Therefore, civil engineering can be defined as the design, build, and maintenance of all the infrastructure needed for the normal functioning of a society or community.

Civil engineers are just as important in the private sector as they are in the public sector. Business owners rely on civil engineers during all the phases involved in establishing a commercial building.

The civil construction process includes engineering and surveying services at all stages of the commercial property construction, including:

  • Building design: Civil engineers work closely with business owners to determine their business needs. They then design the property to match the stated design.
  • Building planning: Civil engineers are familiar with the relevant codes and standards that are necessary for different types of buildings. They work with the relevant authorities to obtain necessary approvals and to ensure that the pertinent building standards are adhered to during construction.
  • Building pre-construction: Providing cost estimates for labor as well as resources needed for building construction is a task that is handled by civil engineers. In addition, civil engineers play a significant role in acquiring the resources needed for property construction.
  • Building construction: Civil engineers are actively involved in the actual construction of commercial property. They work along the construction workers to ensure that the building design is adhered to during the construction process.

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Our Property Condition Assessments are performed by licensed architects part of the AIA. That means professional, experienced and experts in their fields.


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While others may outsource tasks to the lowest bidder, we use only in-house engineering professionals.


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We work quickly but leave no stone unturned to ensure your interests are fully protected.

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At Essel Environmental, we specialize in civil engineering at all stages of your commercial construction. We provide engineering and surveying services to determine if there are any environmental risks at a potential business site. In addition, we offer solutions to mitigate any detected environmental risks. Contact the civil engineering team at Essel Environmental today for more information about our services.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection Civil Engineering Custom Solutions

Customized Solutions

Essel Environmental performs compliant civil engineering services for your commercial property. Speak with our client representative today to discuss your needs. +1(800) 595-7616 or use our contact our civil engineering team.

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