Make Understaffed Projects A Thing Of The Past

Make Understaffed Projects A Thing Of The Past

Project Teams work with Essel to help manage 3 specific areas of project execution: Compliance, Safety & Project Execution.

The Labor Shortage Isn’t Ending – What Will You Do?

One of the fastest ways to make sure the labor shortage stops affecting your projects is to get additional support from Talent Acquisition experts like Essel –  that work with Construction & Technical teams.

Talent Acquisition for Construction projects is different than just “posting & praying” job ads.  There needs to be a specific focus on the types of skilled trades you need: Carpenters, Laborers, and Electricians.

We work with companies like Deacon, DesCor, Tetra Tech, BLH, AMCAL, etc.  We have the experience of building the WORKFORCE that our clients need – to move their projects forward.


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Your Goal is Our Goal: Work Hard. Work Safe. Build Great Things.

Project Teams can thrive when they know that they are fully supported and can rely on partners & advisors that are focused on the same goal – to complete the project on time, and on budget with 0 injuries. Our 1,000,000 + hours of work on construction projects are here to support your cause.

Essel Keep Your Project on Track

PreCon to Punch List – We Have You Covered.

From PreConstruction to Punch List – our teams have unique experience with construction projects from an early stage. Our Environmental division works with Pre-Construction and Estimating teams to help assess project related risks.

By the time you break ground – our workforce division works with the project team to ensure their project team is built out and staffed.  We plug in any gaps, as needed.

Our Safety division works with the Safety teams to ensure any additional support is available for safety-related tasks for the project.  From PreCon to Punch List – we have you covered.


Ready To Put Us To The Test?

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your workforce needs with our Workforce Experts.   We look forward to listening to find out your goals, immediate needs, and how we can support your team.

Click below to schedule a callback or submit a request.  One of our workforce directors will be in touch to discuss how we can help.

We look forward to working with you and your team.

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Meet The Team That Delivers Results

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“Expand always in All Ways.”

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