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Fast, thorough, compliant PCAs ensure you know the condition of a property or real estate you are purchasing, leasing, or maintaining.

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Essel Environmental has the experience and expertise to perform Property Conditions Assessments and Reports (PCA & PCR) to give property owners, investors and managers the information they need to make sound decisions. These assessments and reports are critical to both the success of your company, commercial real estate lenders, and real estate investors throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. Our team of professionals includes architects, engineers, scientists and building inspectors who inspect the subject property to understand the complete condition of the building.

Essel Environmental performs PCAs in-house and follows the ASTM 2018-08 standard. We also can customize a PCA to your specific concerns instead of pushing a one size fits all approach. Meeting your unique needs is our unwavering commitment.

Property Condition Report (PCR)

A Property Condition Report is addresses each building and property system and its condition. The most important and useful part of the PCR is the immediate repairs and replacement reserves table. This crucial item is what helps understand the condition of the building and how it will impact your assets’ financial performance.

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Expert Service

Our Property Condition Assessments are performed by licensed architects part of the AIA. That means professional, experienced and experts in their fields.


Full Scale Review

While others may outsource tasks to the lowest bidder, we use only in-house engineering professionals.


Fast and Thorough

We work quickly but leave no stone unturned to ensure your interests are fully protected.

We Promise Results!

Essel performs Property Conditions Assessments and Property Condition Reports for commercial real estate lenders and real estate investors throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Western United States. Our PCA process consists of a thorough inspection of the building’s structure and systems. For larger buildings, a general rule of thumb is to view 10 percent of the building; however, depending on the structure, floor plan and building systems, this may not be enough to afford a representative picture. The report will include a narrative summary of the building type and condition, and cost tables of the immediate and long-term expenses of the building maintenance.

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Customized Solutions

Essel Environmental performs Property Condition Assessments (PCA) in-house and follows the ASTM 2018-08 standard. We also can customize a PCA to your specific concerns to ensure that all relevant concerns are addressed. Essel Environmental Engineering can include any add-ons to an existing PCA. Speak with our client representative today to discuss your needs. 1 (800) 595-7616 or use our contact form.

The Essel Difference

Essel Environmental Engineering and Consulting brings a dedicated team of experts to each project to ensure you get the best information possible about your property or transaction.

Our Mission
Essel’s mission is to become the primary choice for environmental risk management services by delivering a technically sound & cost effective product on time.
Our Vision
Our vision is to create an organization that is valued part of our clients business process and one in which our employees will feel empowered by the difference they make.ience, we listen hard to understand your business and your needs.

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