Erosion Control

To minimize the risks of soil erosion at construction sites, it is important to implement preventative measures with soil control and stabilization services during all phases of construction.

One of the most important considerations to take during any type of construction is environmental erosion control. Soil erosion is the washing away, otherwise known as leaching, of the topsoil, and is a major cause of soil degradation.  Some of the effects of soil erosion include water pollution, mudslides, sinkholes, and flooding; in severe instances, soil erosion can also result in structural damage to buildings and major roads.

To minimize the risks of soil erosion at construction sites, it is important to implement preventative measures with soil control and stabilization services during all phases of construction. Typically, soil technicians and civil engineers work in conjunction with each other to develop strategies that mitigate the risk of soil erosion during construction. Some of the strategies that may be deployed include the following:


  • Adherence to relevant regulations: Some states have regulations designed to minimize the risk of soil erosion. The civil engineer should find out if there are any such regulations and ensure that they are complied with during construction.
  • Slope and soil assessment: The soil technician should assess the slope of the construction site as well as the soil type in order to determine the risk of soil erosion.
  • Identify drainage control points: Storm drain inlets and outlets must be protected during construction from blockage.


  • Install sediment traps and silt check dams: One primary piece of soil control and stabilization services is the proactive measure taken during construction. These serve to prevent any dislodged soil from polluting water streams or other sources of clean water.
  • Minimize exposed soil areas: Site excavation should be done in stages to minimize the amount of exposed bare soil. Any bare soil should be seeded, mulched, or graded as soon as possible.
  • Work during dry weather: As much as possible, any excavation or grading should be done during dry weather.

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