Environmental Testing Services

Essel Environmental Engineering and Consulting is a premiere provider for national environmental testing services. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial property inspections.

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Asbestos Testing

One of our specialized services is bulk and air asbestos testing. Our team is well-versed in asbestos air clearances for all commercial building environments including construction and post abatement.

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Lead Testing

We offer lead-based paint testing for HUD properties as well as construction lead testing. Whether it’s paint inspections, risk assessments and lead clearances, Essel can help with wide ranges of lead environmental testing services.

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Mold Testing

Mold is one of most common complaints of property owners, managers and tenants. Essel uses a scientific approach to perform mold testing in both air and bulk material. Moisture assessments can be performed as well.

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Radon Testing

Radon is an invisible, odorless, and carcinogen gas. Essel has in-house radon experts that can perform both long and short-term tests throughout Westcoast. If high radon levels are found, Essel assists in the remediation process.

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Soil Testing

Essel has a team of geologists and engineers that adhere to your property inspections and oversee your soil sampling needs. Whether it’s Geotech or environmental soil sampling, you can rely on our expertise to provide the information you need.

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PCB Testing

PCB testing is commonly performed on building components and sealants during a demolition. Depending on the type of building, a building survey for regulated materials may need to be performed. Contact Essel for more information about our environmental testing services.

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Chemical Testing

Chemical testing in air and bulk materials is performed when odors cannot be identified in industrial environments to measure potential personal exposure. Essel analyzes and/or VOC-tests chemicals.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

We use cutting edge technology to diagnose indoor air quality problems, so we can provide the appropriate solution for your building inspection.

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Property Managers Guide to Environmental Due Diligence

Download this free e-book to learn what you need to know about environmental due diligence requirements for inspections and transactions.



Commercial Property Inspections

Building materials like lead, mold and asbestos are often hidden in the recesses of buildings, or under layers of subsequent renovation and refinishing. If you or your environmental consultant do not know what to look for regarding a commercial property inspection, then toxic materials might be easily overlooked – which is very problematic and hazardous.

Our engineers intricately investigate a building’s condition when issuing reports, going above and beyond the letter of the law to ensure building owners and property managers are fully informed and protected.


Make the Right Choice for Environmental Testing Services

Essel Environmental Engineering and Consulting has all required certifications to inspect and test hazardous materials. Additionally, we have years of experience performing environmental due diligence in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the United States. We are registered with Cal/OSHA and all inspections are performed in accordance with EPA guidelines.