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    Essel offers premier staffing for the construction industry. Contact us with inquiries!

    Essel is open during the COVID-19 pandemic and is prepared to keep the nation staffed with essential construction workers. 

    Looking for the right construction workers for your next project? Essel has your back. Our staff will offer personalized construction staffing services that fit your needs.

    With a foundation built on technical engineering nationwide, we have used similar principles to create a system that provides you with the personnel you need – when you need it the most. Being able to scale to upwards of 200-250 people on a single project is not foreign to us.

    We provide staffing services in several areas of the construction industry including but not limited to:

    • Labor Personnel
    • Safety Monitors
    • Site Supervisors
    • Project Managers

    Need staff to help with COVID-19 compliance? Our ready-to-deploy team has been briefed on changing protocol related to the pandemic.

    If you have any questions about how we can help you, please contact us at 1-800-595-7616 or at

    Effective Training

    Our workers always knowledgable, timely, and have the appropriate certifications for the job.


    Our staff is always ready-to-deploy, to make sure you can meet your deadlines.

    Pricing you can't beat

    Our agreed upon pricing is guaranteed to be some of the best on the market.

    From the blog

    What is the Maher Ordinance?

    Historically low lying areas or properties too wet to build on in San Francisco had been leveled with foreign fill to allow for their development. The contents and origin of the fill material used as part of the initial development of these areas are unknown and have been found to commonly contain an array of contaminates. Originally created in 1986, the Maher Ordinance (also referred to as San Francisco Health Code Article 22A) had primarily been established to address the potential presence of contaminated soil and groundwater from the historic use of foreign fill material.

    Asbestos Testing Required For All Demolition Projects in California

    As an environmental consulting company, a common misconception we encounter is that newer buildings, specifically those built after 1980, cannot contain asbestos. However, did you know that products containing asbestos have not been completely banned for import and use in the United States?

    How to Determine the Composition of Soil

    Soil contains both organic and non-organic materials, both of which are necessary for good root growth and plant development. Depending on the type of plants being planted in the soil, some may have better adaptations to certain components than others. Through in-field testing (such as rolling soil together to determine how well the soil sticks together) or through lab testing for properties such as pH levels, chemical composition, and other factors, the composition of soil can be easily determined.