Buying Commercial Real Estate? Do Soil Sampling First!

soil sampling in commercial real estate development

As a land developer and investor, you know you need to do your due diligence and conduct property condition assessments before you risk your capital. If you purchase a property that has been environmentally contaminated — even if you didn’t cause the contamination or know about it before you made the deal — you could …

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AB 1103: 2 Weeks Away For New Requirements!

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AB 1103 was passed this year and it requires an energy benchmark of all properties that are sold & leased that are greater than 10,000 sq feet.  On July 1 of 2014, AB 1103 will start covering all properties that are greater than 5,000 sq feet. The AB 1103 report is basically inputting the last …

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The Importance Of Due Diligence In Commercial Real Estate

bay area real estate development

Tips for Bay Area Real Estate Investors Whether you’re a Bay Area investor or a land developer, you need to protect your bottom line. When you invest in a Bay Area property, not only do you risk money out of pocket, but you can also wind up being liable for eccentric, long term costs. For …

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Capital Needs Assessment Methodology

bay area city landscape

Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence in the Bay Area Whether you’re a property manager or a builder, you may need to obtain a Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) to determine the viability of a housing or building project. A CNA helps stakeholders come up with a long-term budget and ensure the viability of projects. Different companies …

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Phase I ESA – New Standard Is Here!

Site Engineer on a Construction Site

When a company wishes to purchase commercial real estate, whether with existing structure or vacant land, a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) should be performed to ensure Environmental Due Diligence on behalf of the owner and/or lender. The ESA report would indicate the likelihood of environmental liabilities being present based on the historical or …

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